Wilhelmsen and thyssenkrupp Joint Venture (JV) validate Ivaldi Software to identify on-demand manufacturing opportunities for maritime spare parts

Wilhelmsen thyssenkrupp JV and Ivaldi are now testing digital inventory identification and management software with the joint purpose of providing end-to-end digital distribution services to the maritime spare parts market. 

Ivaldi is pleased to state that the solution they developed to optimize their workflows is ready to be used by Wilhelmsen thyssenkrupp JV as part of an early adopter program. This will benefit the ongoing effort to digitally transform the maritime spare parts supply chain and support the ecosystem of spare parts users in the maritime industry.

Wilhelmsen and Ivaldi have been working closely to improve the aftermarket spare parts supply chain for several years. Their joint efforts include several projects, some of which are:

  • exploring in-port 3D printing in Singapore
  • launching an early adopter program together with other like-minded organizations such as Carnival Maritime, Thome Ship Management, OSM Maritime Group, Berge Bulk, Executive Ship Management, and Wilhelmsen Ship Management
  • collaborating with thyssenkrupp to take the lead as the defacto supplier of 3D printed maritime spare parts
  • sending Ivaldi printed parts by drone to vessels
  • leading a Joint Industry Project around critical spare parts certification of 3D printed spare parts with Wärtsilä, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Hamworthy pumps, class society DNVGL, technology partners, thyssenkrupp, and Tytus3D, and a number of forward-leaning end users

Using lessons learned and customer procurement data, Ivaldi has built a business analysis software for the rapid identification of recommendable spare parts to manufacture on-demand.

Furthermore, the Wilhelmsen thyssenkrupp JV has signed on to test the Ivaldi software to implement. This will form a cornerstone of the ecosystem Ivaldi, Wilhelmsen, and thyssenkrupp are building with additional partners around the digital distribution of on-demand spares. 

“Over the last couple of years, we at Ivaldi have gone dumpster diving at construction sites in Norway, crawled through engine rooms off the coast of Singapore, visited manufacturing plants in Japan, and analyzed millions of lines of purchasing and logistical data, all in the quest to understand the spare parts ecosystem.

Using that understanding, we are now pleased and proud to offer a valuable tool for the digital transformation of the spare parts supply chain. Our ongoing partnership with Wilhelmsen and other ecosystem partners is further helping us develop and evolve our value offering”.

– Espen Sivertsen, Ivaldi CEO

“Through our joint Additive Manufacturing (AM) initiative with thyssenkrupp, we are always strengthening our offerings of on-demand spare parts. We are very excited to have embarked on a pilot with the AM start-up, Ivaldi Group, and selected maritime OEMs. Ivaldi has collaborated with SAP to develop a real-time business intelligence software that digitally manages spare parts, utilizes machine learning and natural language processing techniques to automatically analyze spare part inventories, and provide digitization insights. We believe that these insights will be crucial for the OEMs to effectively understand the opportunities presented by on-demand manufacturing.”

Hakon Ellekaier, Head of Venture, 3D Printing, Wilhelmsen Ships Service


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