Towards a guideline for production-ready parts

Written by Joanna Carbajal

In January 2018 eleven companies started two seamlessly aligned Joint Innovation Programs (JIPs). The goal of these JIPs is to develop a guideline and accompanying economic model to print qualified, functional metal production (spare) parts, to be used in the Oil, Gas and Maritime industries. 

Equinor, BP, Rolls Royce Marine, OCAS, Ivaldi Group, TechnipFMC, Voestalpine, SLM Solutions, Additive Industries, Hiptec and the University of Strathclyde aim to have a practical guideline available by July 2019. The JIPs are managed by DNV GL and Berenschot.


JIPs set up 

The partners in this JIP collaborate in two seamlessly aligned programs:

A Guideline towards certified parts. A Toolbox for selection, supply chain set-up and economic viability. 

The Guideline program is managed by DNV GL. 

The objective of this Guideline program is to develop requirements necessary to introduce components made by Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) for the Oil, Gas and Maritime industries and related applications.

The Toolbox part is managed by Berenschot.

This program is dedicated to the part and material selection, and the assessment of the impact on the bottom line. The model for economic viability will also contain a reference  database of 100 parts. 

The aligned set-up, of the two programs secures maximum cross fertilisation.

The end result will be a practical process description securing manufacturability, quality and sound economic decision making when selection 3D Printing as the desired production technology for the (spare) part in case.

Status Update

The consortium started in January 2018 and has in the meantime developed a full risk analysis including mitigation measures. A draft version of the guideline for the production preparation phase is being verified.

Next to this, a part assessment and selection model has been developed to ensure selection of parts to be printed for which 3D printing makes sense. 

Based on this model four parts have been selected to be printed in the coming months. This production phase is also used to further verify the practicality of the guideline.


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