Spare parts in a pinch: why and how to go digital

Ivaldi’s CEO, Espen Sivertsen, has prepared and delivered a video on demand about why someone in the supply chain should go digital and the steps they should follow to do it effectively. 

This video is part of SMM Speakers’ Corner, an event that takes place in Hamburg but this year it was conducted digitally. His presentation was between nine other significant leaders’ video presentations of the maritime industry.

What is included in this video presentation?

Last year, was a time of uncertainty in all aspects of our life. However, some industries were more impacted than others, like for example transportation.

Security and safety measures were increased, the number of flights and transportation means, in general, was severely reduced and that caused major problems in the supply chain.

But this pandemic is only an example of how natural disasters and socioeconomic changes have the ability to transform the supply chain in a negative way. Another factor that proves that the current mass-manufacturing supply chain model is dysfunctional is the high cost that originates from the delays of shipping and distributing around the world. This alone translates into massive delays in production.

To deal with this, Ivaldi’s solution of 3D Printing and on-demand manufacturing can be key. However, there are plenty of factors one has to be aware of, before they decide to transform their logistics system. One of those factors that are going to be covered in the video is the path to certification.

More topics that are being addressed in this short video are:

  • How spare part logistics are directly and indirectly costing ship owners and managers time, money and carbon footprint
  • Digital distribution; how using local on-demand manufacturing such as 3D printing can provide greater flexibility while reducing delivery times, costs and emissions
  • Using real-world technical and business examples, Espen will show you how to make your inventory digital by sending files, not parts

‘Having traveled about 11 times around the world in 2019 for customer meetings, conferences and the like, and then making a full switch to digital in 2020, I have to say that digital participation is better for the environment and much more convenient.’ – Espen Sivertsen, CEO & Founder, Ivaldi Group

The other speakers and topics in SMM Speakers’ Corner video-on-demand include:

Maximizing operational availability through the combination of local, remote technical, and digitally-enabled service support

Company: MacGregor

Speaker:  Athena Kanellatou, Director Digital Solutions, and Customer Co-creation, MacGregor

  • Amphenol-Air LB – Connectors for Marine Applications

Company: Amphenol-Air LB GmbH

Speaker:  Jens Danker, Account Manager Naval and Space, Amphenol-Air LB GmbH

  • Digital transformation and green ships

Company: RINA Services S.p.A.

Speaker:  Michela Schenone, Manager Digital Innovation, RINA Services S.p.A.

  • The role of synergies towards the new era in Shipping

Company: Worldwide Industrial and Marine Association (W.I.M.A.)

Speaker: Elias Hajiefremidis, Chairman, Worldwide Industrial and Marine Association (W.I.M.A.)

  • Increasing safety in engine rooms with SOLAS-compliant insulation systems. A case study.

Company: tmax Germany GmbH

Speaker: Dimitrios Martzelos, Key Account Manager, tmax Germany GmbH

  • Aramid mooring lines: Safer, stronger, and more sustainable

Company: Teijin Aramid GmbH

Speaker: Satyavan Hange, Global Market Manager, Teijin Aramid GmbH

  • YCDE B.V. – Become a dealer! – MARINE engines and gen-sets

Company: YC Distribution Europe B.V.

Speaker: Bjørn Jensen, International Sales / Business Development, YC Distribution Europe B.V.

  • Paolo Topic – the very first hybrid solar bulk carrier.  A Wärtsilä solution

Company: Wärtsilä Marine

Speaker: Alex Albertini, CEO, Marfin Management

  • The Capabilities of Drew Marine

Company: Drew Marine

Speaker: Jason Van Stone, Senior Communications Manager, Drew Marine

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