Parts on Demand Tools: Digital Capture

Written by Joanna Carbajal

To achieve “ship files – not parts,” we use photogrammetry and 3D scanners to create 3D models from images of broken and worn out parts.

One of the benefits of additive manufacturing is that complex patterns or textures can be added to parts for superior performance. There are various benefits with adding texture to maritime spare parts:

  • Improve the perceived value of a part
  • Increase grip and functionality
  • Obscure common visual imperfections
  • Create unique or personalized objects
  • Tactile safety signaling
  • Comfort 

We optimize our designed parts to decrease print time and reduce cost per part using additive manufacturing so that the maritime industry can obtain spare parts within 24 hours. At Ivaldi, we meet customer needs by making changes and adjustments to custom parts. Compare this to injection molding, where you have to commit to a mold once it is created because the tooling to create the mold is expensive.

We rely on revolutionary technology, experience, and tools to create a 3D model. We can bring down the cost per part using low-cost printers, parallel production, and other process improvements. Instead of printing one part per printer, we can print multiple parts at the same time, making it time and cost efficient.

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