Meet the team: Aramis Herrera

How long have you been working at Ivaldi? How did it all start?

I’ve been working at Ivaldi for 4 years. Back in 2016 I met founders Stefani, chief operating officer and Espen chief executive officer, on a business trip while they were working at Type A Machines. After about a year, I was fortunate enough to be asked to join them at Ivaldi and help setup and manage the team in Mexico.

What is your expertise/ role?

I have a background in Product Design, having directed my own design studio for 8 years and taught for about 3 years at university level. 

My role in Ivaldi is mainly managerial, I help with recruitment and make sure the Mexico operation is running smoothly.

What’s your favorite part about working at the company?

Being one of the first employees to join Ivaldi and being able to help shape what is now our company culture is my favorite part about the time I’ve spent at Ivaldi.

What are the company’s values you stand for?

Employee Empowerment – Using Scrum at the core of our operation, means that we’re not defined by departments or areas, everyone is encouraged to reach out and collaborate on projects they feel they can contribute, or simply learn. 

Power in Diversity – At Ivaldi we believe that diversity of voices makes us stronger as an organization. That is why we take concrete actions from the moment we start recruiting to how we work on our employee’s career growth plans. 

Work life balance – One of our priorities as managers at Ivaldi is making sure our team is taken care of and that we’re all being mindful of how we balance office time and personal time.  

How do you spend your time outside of work? What do you enjoy doing?

This past year, with COVID has definitely been challenging, especially staying home most of the time. Normally traveling is one of my favorite things to do, even if it’s a day-trip somewhere close by, but that has been on hold due to quarantine. 

I try to go swimming every morning, since I feel it’s a great way to start the day. Other than that, I like to do Yoga about 3 times a week and take my dogs out to walk

What makes Ivaldi unique?

The people – We’ve been through a lot this past 4 years and I’m really happy that most of us have been here since the start and we’re as committed as ever. 

What’s your favorite quote?

“Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.” – Thomas Jefferson

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