Meet the team: Anna D’Alessio

How long have you been working at Ivaldi? How did it all start?

Almost 4 years! I was previously in graduate school and due a number of reasons I felt it was the right move for me to start working. I casually started looking at job postings while I figured out what I wanted to do. As much as I loved school, I wanted to apply the knowledge I had gained over the past many years to real world applications. 

I started off as a mechanical engineer at Ivaldi and was soon taking ownership of our certification process and building systems and processes to create structure in an otherwise chaotic system. This project helped me realize where I wanted to focus and what path I wanted my career to take. I seamlessly transitioned into a role giving me authority to make decisions based on my expertise and allowing me to take full ownership of our quality management system.

What is your expertise/ role?

My expertise is in sustainable manufacturing. I use these skills to manage and maintain our quality system while also defining design and engineering requirements for manufacturing and part performance. I’m an engineer, and I think like an engineer. I approach problems knowing there may not be an easy or quick solution but relish the process of figuring it out.

What’s your favorite part about working at the company?

The work-life balance. We’re fortunate to work at a company where the culture is to take time off when you need it and focus on our own health both mentally and physically.

What are the company’s values you stand for?

Accountability – we are an open company so anyone in the company can hold anyone else accountable for their work especially since projects are so connected. I believe it’s important to treat people as people and, specifically at work, as adults. We are all capable of making decisions and our own schedules within reason to get done what needs to get done. Ivaldi encourages employees to seek out the help they need without having to ask permission.

Employee empowerment – supporting employees in their professional lives through training. Promoting involvement in outside organizations to strengthen networks and pursue passions. Supporting employees with external talks and conferences to gain/develop new skills. 

How do you spend your time outside of work? What do you enjoy doing?

I love to be outside. The main reason I’ve stayed in California is the natural beauty between the mountains and water. I love hiking and enjoying time outside, skiing in the winter, cooking, wine tasting, and exploring CA and everything it has to offer.

What makes Ivaldi unique?

The people. The employees are from all different backgrounds and somehow we ended up here. We thrive off others’ ideas and expertise and take advantage of the fact that no one person has all the answers.

What’s your favorite quote?

“Take changes, make mistakes, get messy!” – Mrs. Frizzle, The Magic School Bus

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