Meet our Engineering Team

Written by Joanna Carbajal

Anna D’Alessio and Gregory Vernitsky are mechanical engineers at Ivaldi Group supervising microfactory development. They both come with a unique blend of experience and education.   

Anna has an extensive amount of years studying mechanical engineering. She received her bachelor’s in mechanical engineering from the University of Delaware and her master’s of science from the University of California Berkeley. Anna has experience working with manufacturing processes and systems. Her main focus was on energy and resource efficiency. She simulated various factory floor processes to see where improvements can be made based on inputs and outputs. She has worked with ISO standards already and brings valuable experience to Ivaldi in terms of process optimization and efficiency.  

Gregory comes with the perfect combination of an educational background with over two decades of experience in mechanical engineering. With a Master of Science degree in Marine Engineering from the National Marine University in Ukraine, he has worked for prominent companies such as Bio-Rad Laboratories, Rose Electronics Company, Cooper/Shaper Lighting, and Simco-Ion. He has extensive experience identifying product parameters and designing parts for maritime and other industries. He created spare parts even when original documentations were not available.  

Anna focuses on quality control and processes. Gregory works on the practical aspects of redesigning parts for additive manufacturing. He works on the finishing details, threads, surface treatment, dimensions and alterations to design.

They have also checked printing material and looked into different finishing techniques. This is important for the overall quality of the part, both aesthetically and functionally. At this point, they have discovered sanding to be the optimal action. They discovered that 3D printed plastic tube fittings for approximately 70 to 100mm diameter tube fittings have the same tolerances as injection molded parts of the same size after basic cleaning.

Anna said, “It’s exciting designing new systems and testing new technologies. We are really just scratching the surface of what is possible, and yet, we’ve come a really long way in only a couple of months.”

Gregory said, “Beside the M&M’s in the office, I enjoy working with young people in a new company that has revolutionary technology. I like applying existing additive manufacturing solutions to new markets. I am excited to be back in the maritime industry. It’s fascinating applying new technology to the problem I first encountered many years ago: spare part shortage.”

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