Ivaldi takes leading role in Phase II Joint Industry Programme (JIP) for Additive Manufacturing of spare parts for Singapore’s Maritime Industry

Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology will play a critical role in achieving a more productive and sustainable maritime industry in the next 10 to 20 years. Improving speed, sustainable delivery mechanisms, part performance, and reducing costs are all crucial for the continued success of the industry. This Joint Industry Programme, co-funded through the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA)’s Maritime Innovation and Technology Fund, therefore, aims to bring together key industry players along the value chain to showcase the potential of AM technology for maritime and/or marine parts by printing and certifying critical parts, and installing them onboard vessels.

The companies that will be involved in this project are Ivaldi Group, Wilhelmsen, Thyssenkrupp, DNVGL, Wartsila, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Hamworthy Pumps, Tytus 3D, Berge Bulk, Thome, Carnival Maritime, OSM Maritime Group, Executive Ship Management, Gearbulk and BW Group.

Ivaldi proudly announces that they will be taking a project management role.

A milestone for maritime adoption.

Out of a pre-established shortlist of 100 parts identified by DNVGL in collaboration with end-users, JIP partners will select 8-10 parts for a case study. The selected parts will cover the overall objective of part-family certification and be applicable to OEM and end-user study members.

“This is an important milestone for maritime adoption of digital distribution,” says Espen Sivertsen, CEO of Ivaldi. “Up until now, certification of critical parts has been very costly and time-consuming because each part has to cover new ground. By working together on key part categories we aim to remove some of the remaining barriers for mass adoption”.

The project will consist of digitization/optimization and printing of select parts, the assessment of economic viability of moving components to on-demand manufacturing, and the strategic options for next steps, including, but not limited to, cost estimation of integrating on-demand manufacturing of a selection of components into SSA members’ supply chain.

“We’re excited to bring together companies in the industry, basing our part selection on the needs of both OEMs and end-users. We hope this project is just the beginning of additive manufacturing parts for the maritime industry. This project aims to develop the future of certification, focusing on categories to make the process faster, cheaper, and more reliable.”-says Anna D’Alessio, Director of Quality Engineering of Ivaldi.

The JIP members will be working together during the project to resolve questions around technical aspects and cost barriers for certification of critical parts that have so far kept the industry from advancing into critical parts. 

Mr Kenneth Lim, Chief Technology Officer, MPA, said, “As the world’s busiest transhipment hub, Singapore continues to provide a conducive environment for companies to develop innovative technologies such as additive manufacturing, which will enhance operational efficiency and strengthen our value proposition as a just-in-time hub for provision of marine parts. We are encouraged by different industry players within the maritime ecosystem working together and look forward to wider industry adoption and sectoral transformation.”

This JIP intends to remove some of these barriers and advance the adoption of on-demand solutions of critical metal parts for maritime and offshore.

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