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Written by Joanna Carbajal

Ivaldi Group uses revolutionary technology to serve the maritime spare parts industry more efficiently than traditional ways. When in need of a spare part, we are faster than if ordering from a manufacturer. We can produce a plastic or metal part within 24 hours as compared to 7 to 90 days using traditional methods. Sometimes a plastic or metal part is no longer in production or the delays are too long. As a result, large and otherwise functioning systems have to be swapped entirely.

We are currently prototyping plastic parts using our Type A Machines’ Series 1 Pro. We can print 1 cubic foot parts. If a part is larger than a cubic foot, we can print the part by splitting it into multiple sections. We can print in over 88 plastic materials, for example, Nylon, PLA and thermoplastic elastomers.

 This part was printed in PLA using FDM.

A rubber bellow, weighing 45 g and being 75 mm high, can be used as an extension joint and as a protection for equipment and parts.


This 47 mm high pipe connector only took a couple of hours to print. Making molds for injection molding would have taken days.


We are using additive manufacturing instead of classic wooden molds, which gives us the ability to cast non-standard parts. We thus can produce parts faster, cheaper and on-demand. We are utilizing new technology to speed up the process.

We can produce a small bronze part in 48 hours. In a foundry, it would take 5-7 weeks with lead time.



With additive manufacturing, we can cast non-standard parts.



A finished part.


At Ivaldi Group, we are always looking for ways to improve our technology and capabilities. We have figured out a way to decrease print time and reduce cost per part using additive manufacturing so that the maritime industry can obtain spare parts within 24 hours.

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