Ivaldi Participates in SMM DIGITAL’s Speakers’ Corner

Ivaldi will soon participate in SMM DIGITAL’s Speakers’ Corner, being held on the 5th February 2021
at 10:25am – 12:10pm. Espen Sivertsen, CEO, Ivaldi Group will be speaking; ‘Spare parts in a pinch: why and how to go digital’.

During SMM DIGITAL Speakers’ Corner, various players from the maritime industry will present their innovations, exciting projects and their product highlights in short videos in this Open Stream. Take a look at the programme at https://lnkd.in/eDU-vTW

In the Speakers’ Corner Espen Sivertsen, CEO and founder of Ivaldi Group will be covering the following:

  • How spare part logistics are directly and indirectly costing ship owners and managers time, money and carbon footprint
  • Digital distribution; how using local on-demand manufacturing such as 3D printing can provide greater flexibility while reducing delivery times, costs and emissions
  • Using real-world technical and business examples, Espen will show you how to make your inventory digital by sending files, not parts

Having travelled about 11 times around the world in 2019 for customer meetings, conferences and the like, and then making a full switch to digital in 2020, I have to say that digital participation is better for the environment and much more convenient.

– Espen Sivertsen, CEO & Founder, Ivaldi Group

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