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Ivaldi Mexico is located in Guadalajara, Jalisco. A city recognized for a lot of things: tequila, mariachi, handmade crafts, Guillermo del Toro, museums, and technology. Since I can remember, Guadalajara has been the city where investors and big companies have decided to open their headquarters or move operations. Guadalajara is called the Mexican Silicon Valley, which is the main reason why we are located here.

What do we do at Ivaldi Mexico? We are focused on developing and designing spare parts using additive manufacturing for the maritime, offshore, and construction industries.

Ivaldi Mexico is the design operations office of the company. We focus on improving parts for additive manufacturing. It is also the home base for our mobile team. They are the ones setting up, operating and maintaining our network of Local Manufacturing Centers. Our industrial designers are focused on designing additive manufactured parts through reverse engineering. Our engineer works with the California engineers to complete quality control for each design that we develop.



The Mexico office is not only a workspace, it is also a place of friendships that have fostered personal and professional developments. Besides designing products, we collaborate with the California team in other projects to achieve greater and better results. With a multi-talented team, we take on various roles past our job description. Some help maintain our quality management system. Others help with our marketing efforts. Others are involved in research and development.

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