Ivaldi Group: Making Spare Parts Logistics more Sustainable and Cost-effective

Article by Logistics Tech Outlook.

Provided the right parts are selected, this process flow enables faster and cost-effective production and delivery. OEMs can access a new line of operation and collect profits for royalties. Even though more than half of industrial spares typically can be manufactured on-demand, Ivaldi typically identifies between three to eleven percent of their customers parts inventory for digital distribution. By selecting the parts that reduce the total cost of ownership as well as time and carbon footprint, customers are able to take out return on investment earlier which again motivates the transition. To ensure top-quality, Ivaldi employs the best field engineers that are experienced and capable in not only understanding a part in pre-production but also are well-versed in developing and installing them according to specifications and with accuracy. “We have built a stringent quality control system and certification tracker along with some of the leading industry class authorities, assuring that our clients consistently produce good parts that meet all quality requirements,” expresses Sivertsen.

When it comes to both employees and clients, Ivaldi believes in building trust as a core principle. As transparency is critical to set up a spare parts supply chain management system rapidly, Ivaldi goes all out to demonstrate the quality behind its brand and allows clients to breathe easy by enabling them to meet their production demands in a cost-effective, continuous, and dependable manner. Ivaldi also sets a work culture standard that is diverse and equal, including individuals from all walks of life. “We are sixty percent women and people of colour in the company. Three out of five of our executives are female,” says Sivertsen. Ivaldi believes this type of approach allows them to be much stronger as a company in terms of ambition and ability. Used repeatedly in combination with Ivaldi’s creative problem-solving methods, the company can thoroughly study supply chain-related issues and deliver solutions that are intuitive and adaptive to manufacturing operations. “If a company requires a creative solution, we believe it is important to have a diverse set of eyes to look at problems from a number of angles,” says Sivertsen.

As 3D printing techniques continue to evolve, many companies have entered the forte, increasing the competition to establish a strong foothold with the industry. At this juncture, Ivaldi has built a proprietary search algorithm for users to efficiently complete the otherwise tough-to-handle identification of parts that are suitable for on-demand digital distribution and cloud-enabled manufacturing. “A company may not really find it viable to go through millions of parts line by line and try to do the calculations, make 3d models, and upload all the data; whereas, with our software, you can do that in a very straightforward manner,” comments Sivertsen.

In many cases, clients possess equipment that is very old and includes parts that are hard to procure through a direct source. “For such cases, we collaborate with our clients’ teams to perform reverse engineering. The partnership also stresses part customization,” comments Sivertsen. To guarantee the legitimacy of the part in the production, Ivaldi works very closely with its partners to prevent any violation.

Empowering manufacturers to save resources through the unique utilization of 3D printing and other on-demand production tools, Ivaldi strives to create the world’s first digital, net-zero supply chain platform for the spare part aftermarket. By allowing a manufacturer, or OEM to send a digital file using Ivaldi’s digital supply chain platform to facilitate local production, companies can reduce their related carbon footprint by up to 90%, and at the same time stimulate local value and job creation.

Focused on enabling onshore and offshore companies to switch from physical to digital distribution, Ivaldi will further enhance its services to deliver a quality spare parts aftermarket supply chain process workflow. “Our mission is to help companies take that step into the digital world and streamline their day-to-day spare parts supply chain workflow,” concludes Sivertsen.

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