The Wilhelmsen and thyssenkrupp Joint Venture, in collaboration with Ivaldi Group and DNV, digitize, print, test, and deliver a cooling water pipe connector

The Wilhelmsen and thyssenkrupp joint venture, in collaboration with Ivaldi Group, successfully digitized, printed, tested, and delivered a cooling water pipe connector on behalf of Kawasaki Heavy Industries. A significant contribution was made by Singaporean start-up, F-Drones, that delivered the part via drone to MMA Offshore’s vessel, MMA Monarch, during the launch of the Maritime Drone Estate in Singapore.

The part was developed as part of the Joint Industry Program (JIP) on Additive Manufacturing in Singapore, where Ivaldi is the project manager in the Wilhelmsen-led consortium. The consortium have been awarded funding by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) under its Maritime Innovation and Technology (MINT) Fund. The consortium includes original equipment manufacturers Wärtsilä and Kawasaki Heavy Industries independent assurance and risk management expert DNV, technology partners thyssenkrupp, Ivaldi Group, and Tytus3D, and a number of forward-leaning end users, already a part of Wilhelmsen’s 3D printing programs.

“This is an important milestone for maritime adoption of digital distribution,” says Espen Sivertsen, CEO of Ivaldi. “Up until now, certification of critical parts has been very costly and time-consuming because each part has to cover new ground. By working together on key part categories, we aim to remove some of the remaining barriers for mass adoption”.

Photo Credit: Ministry of Transport

The cooling water pipe connector from Kawasaki Heavy Industries illustrates the opportunities presented by AM, typically represented by benefits of shorter lead times, improved part performance, and lower carbon footprint delivered both to the OEM and end-user. Before delivery, the part was tested, and its quality was assured through the venture’s DNV endorsed Quality Assurance Framework.

Atsushi Ogura, Project Leader at Kawasaki, said, “Additive manufacturing offers clear benefits in performance, lead time and enables a more resilient and greener supply chain. We are proud to be working with the Wilhelmsen thyssenkrupp venture, the AM market leader for the marine industry. The successful production and delivery have established a solid foundation for future collaboration between Kawasaki Heavy Industries and the Wilhelmsen thyssenkrupp venture.”

“Additive and on-demand manufacturing is a unique opportunity for MMA Offshore and solves many of the supply chain challenges we encounter as marine operators. The ability to print and deliver spare parts on-demand results in a far more effective and efficient supply chain. MMA Offshore is a proud customer of the 3D printing program by Wilhelmsen and thyssenkrupp, and we are looking forward to increasing the adoption of AM parts through this partnership across our fleet,” said Greg Reece, General Manager – Strategy & Innovation, MMA Offshore.

“We are excited to once again share an excellent use case presented by additive manufacturing, where OEMs and end users are experiencing a solution that is faster, better, and more sustainable – through on-demand manufacturing close to the point of need. The future of supply chain is now, and we are continuously expanding our service to key locations worldwide,” says Hakon Ellekjaer, Head of Venture, 3D Printing, Wilhelmsen.

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