Ivaldi announces successful test in collaboration with Wilhelmsen and Yinson DH

Ivaldi is delighted to announce a successful additive manufacturing (AM) use case in collaboration with the Wilhelmsen thyssenkrupp Joint Venture and Yinson. The company worked with Wilhelmsen thyssenkrupp Joint Venture to provide Yinson with a 3D-printed spider coupling for usage onboard one of their FPSOs.

The spider coupling was identified and designed by Ivaldi Group, printed, and delivered through the Wilhelmsen thyssenkrupp AM fulfillment platform, and with part assurance and traceability from DNV.

The maintenance supervisor at Yinson’s FPSO Helang gave the following feedback: “I’d like to appreciate the quality of the material and accuracy of the workmanship provided. The item was also fabricated and delivered in a relatively short time.”

In general, the main challenge for many industrial players is that spare parts are not always available when and where they are needed. Ivaldi identified jaws and spider couplings as good parts for additive, on-demand manufacturing, due to long lead times for specific couplers and high prices for one spare part within a coupling set. Also, with delays in delivery, the equipment could be out of service, impacting productivity negatively.

Hakon Ellekjaer, Head of Venture | 3D Printing in Wilhelmsen, clearly agrees, “We are very excited about the delivery of the spider coupling with Ivaldi and Yinson, as it is a true testament to how an ecosystem approach can fast track the adoption of AM, bringing the benefits and opportunities presented by on-demand manufacturing. The Wilhelmsen thyssenkrupp Joint Venture currently serves more than 3’000 vessels from key locations worldwide, offering an AM fulfillment platform with design files from OEMs, Ivaldi, and other partners being made available on-demand through their manufacturing network.”

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