IvaIdi Group and FIS join forces to bring Digital Distribution and Additive Manufacturing

FIS is very proud to announce the beginning of our collaboration with Ivaldi Group.

When we decided to create FIS, it was not only with the firm purpose of improving logistics, but also to cause a positive impact and leave a better planet for future generations, and it has been along this path that we have converged with Ivaldi, sharing the same vision.

One of the central challenges in any supply chain is transferring parts faster, cheaper, and at lower costs to the end-user while at the same time reducing emissions.

We are excited to bring digital distribution and additive manufacturing to WCSA for the maritime industry, mining, and oil & gas. Rethinking our supply chains, to make them more efficient, cost-effective and to anticipate any kind of disruption as well as to reduce carbon emissions are our new challenges,” Augusto Montoya, CEO FIS.


Ivaldi is a leading provider of digital distribution and additive manufacturing solutions. In order to change traditional logistics chains, we have to go digital. Why must we have a spare parts warehouse, with working capital shelved and waiting to be used, if we can have physical inventory in the cloud and print it locally in 3D when needed?


FIS is one of few companies in the region with a demonstrated ability to combine deep knowledge of marine and heavy industry with new technological efficiencies. Ivaldi Group is happy to have a local partner in FIS, and we are excited to join forces in transforming the regional and global supply chain,” Espen Siversten, CEO Ivaldi

The pandemic showed us how supply chains were disrupted from one day to the next. Hand in hand with technology we can not only change our business models but also deal with interruptions in the supply chain, transportation costs, late shipments, minimum order quantities, obsolete inventory, and environmental impacts. As their motto says, “send files, not parts”.
The world has already changed, let’s be part of that change.
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