Oil, Gas & Subsea

There are various challenges in the oil and gas industry. 

There is a need for low volume parts, which dramatically increases the cost for this industry and makes it harder to replace when broken. There are a lot of obsolete parts as a result. On the other hand, the oil and gas industry has a wide geographical distribution of operators across the world, which gives the operators a logistical challenge. When a part is unavailable, there is a high cost of downtime. To prevent downtime, the operators have to keep a large inventory of spare parts.

Additive manufacturing allows the oil and gas industry to produce low quantities of parts, which are created on-demand inexpensively.

With the design freedom that additive manufacturing brings, the oil and gas industry can benefit from being able to recreate obsolete parts.

Additive manufacturing also allows for local printing, which means that the operators no longer have to keep a high inventory to prevent downtime.

The oil and gas industry faces another big issue: the need to meet strict performance and environmental standards.

With additive manufacturing allowing for sophisticated and innovative geometries that can decrease the number of parts, this industry can benefit from performance improvement and emission reduction.

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