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Shipping replacement parts in any heavy industry, and specifically in maritime is expensive.

Current supply chains are heavily burdened by centralized production, storage and transportation costs. With a hybrid solution where selected parts are made locally on-demand when needed, carry costs can be reduced, together with lead times and carbon footprint. Read more in our white paper.

It is also time consuming.

Replacing parts is a cumbersome, complex and expensive process. From order to receipt, end-users can expect to wait anywhere from 3-6 weeks.

Parts are shipped around the world everyday. From a manufacturer in China, to a warehouse in the US, to an end-user in Singapore. This process is detrimental to our environment.

Providing localized and on-demand manufacturing of replacement parts in ports makes more sense.

In the current state of the additive manufacturing technology and because every inch of a maritime vessel is necessary for operations, it wouldn’t make sense to onboard a 3D printing shop.

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