Cold Chain

Cold chain logistics are critical for the safe transport of temperature-sensitive goods and products.

Provide digitization and certification of spare parts used within cold chain infrastructure. With the uninterrupted movement of temperature-sensitive goods, supply chains are under pressure. Changes in consumer demand and global supply chains have increased the movement of perishables around the world Covid-19 vaccines, and many of the most common vaccines (including polio, measles and tetanus) rely on cold chain to safeguard its effectiveness as it is distributed around the globe.

If the cold chain breaks, or equipment malfunction the vaccines will lose their effectiveness.

Ivaldi Group works with cold chain providers to provide spare parts on-demand for industrial refrigeration units.

Downtime is critical in cold chain.

Downtime could result in the total loss of inventory. Analysts from UBS Bank expect that roughly 5-10% of the Pfizer vaccine may be rendered ineffective “due to inadequate storage conditions” Undetected waste could mean that people will receive ineffective doses.

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