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Our online 3D printing service enables you to prototype or manufacture your parts on demand. To have full traceability of the process and maximize your return, you need to be connected to a manufacturing network.

Connect to our manufacturing network through the Ivaldi software

Ivaldi has a verified and certified network of manufacturers. You and our entire network community can benefit from this.

If you are not finding a manufacturer in the location you require, let us help you develop that connection and expand our network together.

Set up your own local manufacturing center with support from Ivaldi.

If you prefer to own your own local manufacturing center (LMC) that allows you to operate independently or to manufacture on-demand for your own company as well as other Ivaldi customers, Ivaldi will be at your consultative service.

Want to be an on-demand manufacturing partner of Ivaldi?

Start your journey towards digital transformation today.


At Ivaldi we stand by sustainability. Through living our values of commitment, respect and problem solving we strive to deliver triple bottom line (people, planet, profit) return on investment to our customers, our employees and investors. 

We are committed to transforming the supply chain through positive change.

We exercise our empathy to generate value and convenience for our customers, our community and ourselves. 

We challenge assumptions, seek new perspectives and work creatively to re-define and transform our industry and day-to-day challenges by doing more with less.

We engage and enable our customers to contribute to our vision of a global digital supply chain by securing that more parts identified and printed locally, save time and costs for our customers, make a smaller carbon footprint on our environment and create local jobs. 

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