Digitize and Certify Parts

To transform a company to be digitally ready for on-demand manufacturing, one needs to have in-depth knowledge, specialized expertise, and experience. Ivaldi complements our customers' industry knowledge with on-demanding manufacturing interest and expertise. You can therefore rely on us to digitize and certify your parts


This will be done through an ideal methodology designed to maximize results. Field research, material and technology comparison, risk analysis and quality control are steps in this digitization process.

To ensure that the digital design is printable to a certain standard, Ivaldi has pioneered in developing industry standards called performance envelopes. The digital part will be stored in Ivaldi’s digital warehouse or in your own digital warehouse, depending on your preference.

Instead of screening your parts, we screen your datasets based on proven variables identified in our Ivadi template.

Certification/ Qualification:

Many parts are business or safety critical and certification is not only recommendable but necessary. Ivaldi collaborates with certification authorities and can secure certification of parts, processes and production partners throughout the value chain.

Throughout the entire workflow, we conduct frequent quality assurance checks to ensure the highest level of quality and accuracy.

Ivaldi Group is ISO 9001:2015 Certified

How does Ivaldi handle certification?

Ivaldi is working with partners and major players in the industry to revolutionize part certification by focusing on each part’s digital twin instead of the physical part. We have been working with class and certifying authorities to develop standards and base our recommendations on the industry guidelines we helped build. Ivaldi is ISO-certified and ISO-processes are followed in all our work with parts, processes and print providers. We develop performance envelopes according to established industry standards that again set the requirements for the parts and the print providers. 

Warranties and risk sharing depend on it being a generic or OEM part.

Now that you have digital parts you probably want them stored in a digital warehouse.


At Ivaldi we stand by sustainability. Through living our values of commitment, respect and problem solving we strive to deliver triple bottom line (people, planet, profit) return on investment to our customers, our employees and investors. 

We are committed to transforming the supply chain through positive change.

We exercise our empathy to generate value and convenience for our customers, our community and ourselves. 

We challenge assumptions, seek new perspectives and work creatively to re-define and transform our industry and day-to-day challenges by doing more with less.

We engage and enable our customers to contribute to our vision of a global digital supply chain by securing that more parts identified and printed locally, save time and costs for our customers, make a smaller carbon footprint on our environment and create local jobs. 

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