Analyze Inventory Data & Identify Parts for AM

Discover the printability of parts – no drawings needed!

Any data dump – we can handle it!

Ivaldi’s analysis enables you to identify on-demand manufacturing opportunities based on your procurement or inventory data, even when 2D or 3D CAD files are not in reach.

Many companies see the opportunities in on-demand manufacturing, but they question where and how to start. We recommend to start with an analysis that gives you a better understanding of not only what parts can be printed, but what parts should be printed.

Ivaldi Essential, Screening Analysis

In a feasibility study Ivaldi gives you an overview of your spare parts inventory’s on-demand manufacturing potential. 

Instead of screening your parts, we screen your datasets. As a result, you will receive a final report with findings on your potential for additive, on-demand manufacturing, the relevance of specific parts and recommendations on where to start in order to successfully deploy a digital supply chain for parts. The recommendations in the screening process are based on your data combined with market data. If you are interested in a deeper dive and a full understanding of how transitioning to a digital, on-demand manufacturing model can lead to return on investment for you and your surroundings, you should consider our Savings Analysis.

Because we understand your need to know your potential return on investment taking your supply chain digital, we offer relevant end-users an initial analysis of your savings potential for free. Let us know if you are interested!

Ivaldi Advanced, Savings Analysis

In the Savings Analysis your inventory data will be used to give you a thorough analysis and recommendation of which parts not only could be manufactured on demand, but what parts should be digitized, based on their ability to save time, costs and carbon footprint for you in your operations. You will be provided with a custom Return on Investment (ROI) analysis based on your inventory and procurement data. The analysis can be provided in a report or dashboard in the Ivaldi software depending on your preference.

Ivaldi Full Real Time Analysis, Integration

When applying a new solution, many businesses are faced with the problem of how compatible it is with the technologies and equipment they currently have in place. Ivaldi can connect to several ERP systems for real-time analysis, which gives you total control over your data and full real time analysis of your on-demand manufacturing opportunities.

My data is sensitive, can I trust that it will be safe?

Yes. We make sure that any shared data is saved securely. We do not share data and it is used solely for your account.

All services provided are covered by the following NDA.

What sort of data and in what format is the data required to get an accurate result?

During the full screening process, we will ask you a number of questions to determine the type and amount of data you have available. From that response, we will send a template outlining the information needed to drive the full data driven screening process. For some companies, the advanced screening process is more valuable because it includes interviews to gather data and Ivaldi will make sure to put it in the correct format.

How do we handle IP?

We analyze all procurement data. After the analysis results, we go into a deeper dive of select parts where we determine any restrictions on parts. We start with generic parts to avoid the IP issues. When we have parts that are protected, we have the option to bring OEMs on board or to license the designs for our customers and network.

How do we get OEMs on board? How do they feel about this business model?

It’s all about opportunity. There will always be OEMs who are satisfied with where they are and don’t want to spend the time with anything new. We believe these companies will eventually be left behind. We do not believe in being a pirate bay and therefore focus on profit sharing with all parties involved. Our goal is to prove how our solution is mutually beneficial.

What warranty do you offer?

Liabilities are the same as with traditional supply chains and follow standard practices. They depend and are built with the customer as needed.


At Ivaldi we stand by sustainability. Through living our values of commitment, respect and problem solving we strive to deliver triple bottom line (people, planet, profit) return on investment to our customers, our employees and investors.

We are committed to transforming the supply chain through positive change.

We exercise our empathy to generate value and convenience for our customers, our community and ourselves.

We challenge assumptions, seek new perspectives and work creatively to re-define and transform our industry and day-to-day challenges by doing more with less.

We engage and enable our customers to contribute to our vision of a global digital supply chain by securing that more parts identified and printed locally, save time and costs for our customers, make a smaller carbon footprint on our environment and create local jobs.

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