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Streamline your maintenance operation through AI-enabled troubleshooting and on-demand ordering

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Analyze your Inventory and Identify Savings

We utilize business intelligence technologies to analyze inventories and identify parts. Find out how your business can benefit from on-demand manufacturing.

Digitize and Certify your Parts

We complement our customers’ industry knowledge with on-demand manufacturing expertise. Find out how Ivaldi can digitize and certify your parts.

Build your Digital Warehouse

Instead of storing physical goods, transform your warehouse into a digital one. Make your supply chain more cost effective and resilient with Ivaldi.

Print on Demand

Our on-demand manufacturing services give you access to a network of certified manufacturers in your needed location. We can also help you setup and certify your own on-demand facilities.

Unsure about how to start?

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I want to create a more efficient workflow. Which product offering is right for me?

Our product offerings are designed to build on one another. Starting with screening of your data to get a general idea of the possibilities and savings. We then conduct a deep analysis of the data and work with your team to determine how to reduce waste and where to implement Ivaldi’s solutions. In order to accurately assess the best fit for you, contact our sales team.

Do we set size limits for AM and how do we factor that into the cost calculator?

Limits are set based on the specific machines included in our databases. This is ever changing as we onboard new manufacturing partners.

What have we developed that helps to understand the entire product lifecycle not only from a cost perspective but also an emissions and social perspective (carbon calculator with TCO and local impact)

We are constantly developing our software. While many features are under development, they all start as stand alone tools which are tested by our qualified engineering and design team. Currently datasets for AM are missing in available LCA software, so we built our own based on experience and available data.

Are there any shape limitations in terms of what geometries the printers can print?

Overhangs are typically possible up to 45º. Anything above that, requires support material.  Sizes are limited by printer volume. We can manufacture bigger parts by gluing or welding parts together.

How does resolution affect print time?

The higher the resolution, the more print time. The calculations are associated with travel time on the printhead plus the number of layers for FDM and SLA.

Is post processing necessary? When does this have to be done?

For plastic parts that have overhangs and therefore need support material, post processing is necessary. All metal parts must be post processed. SLA parts require a quick wash as a finishing process.

What do we get out of the analysis process? What results/insights?

The analysis gives a high level overview of your data. What should be manufactured on demand. The results will be displayed in a dashboard showing the total spent on all products and the total spent on all products within an identified category. Lead time comparison, top candidates based on price, overview of potential CO2 savings. Option for deeper die into the business case for individual parts and further analysis.

Can we try out the software before purchasing a license?

We provide free demos of the software to give potential customers the opportunity to see it in action and ask questions. We also run campaigns at various times of the year where we offer the initial screening free of charge up to a certain amount of data.

What is the plan for implementing new features into the software? When can we see updates/changes?

New features and updates are always in development. We take customer feedback and incorporate it into our product roadmap. Upon request, we can discuss in more details the features that will be made available in the short term.

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