Our team is our greatest asset

It is because of teamwork that we achieve excellence. We are a group of experts: engineers, designers and project managers and we gather our knowledge to deliver the desired results to all of our customers. If you seek advice, you can reach out to us anytime. Below are some of the people at Ivaldi.

Chief Executive Officer

Espen Sivertsen

Chief Operations Officer

Stefani Pellinen-Chavez

Chief Product Officer

Aramis Herrera

Chief Financial Officer

Alaina Piland

Director of Quality Engineering

Anna D’Alessio

Project & Key Account Manager

Ingvild Sørlie

Mechanical Designer

Carolina Hernández

We have support from industrial & maritime heavyweight investors & advisors

BoD/Advisor, Experienced Maritime Executive

Magnus Sande

Advisor, Group CEO Umoe

Jarle Roth

Advisor, Former CEO, DNVGL

Dr. Henrik Madsen

Advisor, Former Equinor and Chevron executive

Dr. Trond Unneland

Advisor/Investor, Part of the Maersk family

Christian M.M. Olufsen

Our location

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