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Hi, my name is Salvador M. Doñate, I am 32 years old and I’m currently living in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. I am a sixth-semester student in Industrial Design bachelor’s degree at the University of Guadalajara.

My interests are urban equipment, UX/UI design, and intellectual/industrial property. My strengths are design conceptualization, research, and information gathering.

By being one of Ivaldi’s interns, I will be provided with knowledge and experience in different areas such as 3D printing, Prototype Manufacturing, and CAD. My goal is to make the most out of this experience.


Capture kit proposal

I decided to make the capture kit with inexpensive materials to lower its cost and make it easy to get for the user, based on the fact that some users may be on the high seas (like some clients of the company), and the need to replace parts.

The main concept is to keep everything simple. We should be in a position to explain the materials , measurements, and assembly process to to the user with ease and efficiency.

Likewise, it is designed in this way so that the user installs it quickly and easily, focusing on the use of photogrammetry software. Thus, we obtain a product that is affordable, with easy-to-replace parts that can be found anywhere, easy to assemble, and without complications of use for the user.

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