A Capture Kit inspired by the sandbox principle

I am Didma, an industrial design student at the University of Guadalajara. I am 23 years old and currently in the 8th semester of my studies.

I have lived in Guadalajara since 2012 but I was born in Veracruz. When I design, what I enjoy the most is research, art, and social design. I decided to intern with Ivaldi not only to understand what it really means to be a designer in the industry, but also to learn about 3D printing and its variables. My motive was to gain experience in the resolution of real problems within different industries.

About the Capture Kit

The capture kit development was inspired by the sandbox principle, where the piece is “printed” on the memory foam. This happens when the part is pressed between the two parts of the box.

When opening and removing the original piece, the details of the shape are in low relief, in case of perforation diameters on faces that were not marked. The 30×30 space allows manual printing by pressing that face in the space for later scanning and capturing of data.

The base of the capture case needs to be assembled, it consists of a rail and a base where the linear laser and the camera are located. Using the laser, the process will create a cloud of data that can be processed with the free software “HORUS”. This will process the cloud to create a mesh that can be manipulated to create a fully functional 3D model ready for printing.

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