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Announcing a global maritime partnership

Ivaldi is delighted to announce a successful test in collaboration with a global maritime industry group and one of the world’s leading independent dry bulk owners. As part of Ivaldi’s ongoing partnership in Singapore, the dry bulk owners were offered a 3D printed solution for their gasket spare parts.

Because of their fleet size, the organization often needs to replace older parts, so a constant feed of spare parts is critical for their operations. Gaskets are examples of parts that are often replaced.

When ordering gaskets, they traditionally needed to make inquiries, purchase a minimum order quantity, and coordinate deliveries with their suppliers every time they needed something for a vessel. Once received, spares were stored in packs in one or more dedicated storage spaces inside each vessel.

However, this process was ineffective because the parts were easily lost and buried on the shelves behind other more critical parts. That usually leads companies to re-ordering and purchasing new spares while at the same time keeping inventory because time is money, and missing parts can halt production.

Even though gasket spares are not very expensive, the dry bulk owners organization could end up paying 2-5 times the price after shipping. In addition, the transportation of these additional parts has an unnecessary effect through emissions.

With this partnership, the organization has started shifting to digital distribution and on-demand manufacturing, using previous purchasing history and leveraging new technologies such as additive manufacturing and big data analytics to identify suitable business cases from both a financial and sustainability angle.

Simply by sending files and not parts, Ivaldi managed to eliminate minimum order quantities and the cost of international freight, saving them 200% of the cost of the spare parts on shipping and logistics.

‘’Everything about the 3D Printing process is different and better. Most importantly, we don’t have to rely on shipping the part and hoping the timing works out.’’ ~ Company Executive, Dry Bulk Owners


Ivaldi Group helps heavy industry take their spare parts supply chain digital. Through a software and services suite, Ivaldi enables industrial players to print parts locally, when and where the parts are needed, saving time, cost, and carbon footprint while providing safe and durable parts.

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