A Capture Kit based on 3 key elements the user, simplicity and quality

Hi! My name is Daniela Barrios, I’m 22 years old, I’m from Guadalajara, Jalisco and I’m about to finish my bachelor’s degree in industrial design at UDG. My interests include watching tv series, playing sports, listening to music, reading and sometimes writing short tales.

I consider myself a curious person and whenever I find something that catches my attention, I feel the immediate need to know and learn more about it. Being a part of Ivaldi and working there as an intern, has helped cover that need for knowledge.

Knowing Ivaldi and what they do was like an entirely different world to me, because it was nothing similar to what I was taught in class during my studies. I started this project with Ivaldi in September thanks to the entailment of Dr. Gómez Gómez.

As a result of the pandemic, all of our session have been through video calls, emails and drive documents which I have to admit has been very practical for me. During the sessions we have had time to know each other and other members of the team from different areas.

Through this experience, I have been learning many things about AM and other processes, different structures of design, research, and many other things. I want to thank Ivaldi for giving me the opportunity to work with them and the patience they have showed.


About the Capture Kit

The product was thought based on three principal focuses, the user, simplicity, and quality. The proposal was thought to be friendly with the user, who might not be aware of the functionality of the new technologies, which doesn’t mean they cannot take advantage of it.

The focus on quality is directed by interdisciplinary work, where programmers and designers are meant to work together to create the ideal scanner with all the needs that the user might have when using the product. 

The simplicity is in the interface of the platform that is pointing and guiding the user through the different sections with easy interpretation of the information. In addition, the platform will count on information previously uploaded to speed up the processing of data that will be updated every certain period and will complement the libraries, archives, and pieces for future projects. Finally, the assembly of the physical structure is as intuitive and easy as playing with LEGOs, you can adjust and transport it fast and efficiently. 

The product is meant to be easy to use and the user to be satisfied.

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