2018 Highlights for Ivaldi

Written by Joanna Carbajal

Happy New Year’s! We are very excited about the new year, and to celebrate, we are highlighting the top memorable moments for 2018.  

Announced Partnerships

DNV GL Joint Innovation Program (JIP)

The partners of the JIP at SLM Solutions in Lubeck, Germany.

Our JIP with DNVGL began January of 2018. By working with DNV GL, we joined a team of experts in the qualification process to develop the requirements for class certified products. We joined this JIP as additive manufacturing technical experts. We are working with many partners with different backgrounds to solve one common goal: to establish additive manufacturing guidelines in the maritime and oil and gas industries.

We are helping shape the guideline for using additive manufacturing in the maritime and offshore industries in a way that makes sense for this technology.

As a technology partner to the JIP, we are benefiting from working with a trusted entity such as DNV GL as they are providing us with the maritime, oil and gas expertise we need to bridge the gap between our industries. You can read the press release here.

Singapore’s Local Manufacturing Center with Wilhelmsen Ships Services

Wilhelmsen partnered with Ivaldi Group to deploy an additive manufacturing facility in the Wilhelmsen Ships Service’s facilities in Singapore. The Local Manufacturing Center capable of on-demand production provides 3D printed parts to select partners as part of their early adopters program in a port that sees more than 100 vessel visits a day. You can see the full press release here.

 Collaboration with NAMIC (Singapore’s National Additive Manufacturing & Industry Cluster)

NAMIC announced two collaborations and memorandums of understanding with 3D Metalforge and Ivaldi Group. The scope of the MoU signed between NAMIC and Ivaldi covers the development of technologies to improve the efficiency of our 3D printing processes to enable round-the-clock operation. Ivaldi Group and the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) will be doing the work. To read the full press release, see here.

Maritime Week

On April, we demoed with Wilhelmsen Ships Service at the Singapore Maritime Technology Conference.

Diablo Magazine 

On September, Diablo Magazine held its third annual 40 Under 40 Celebration where they recognized 40 of the East Bay’s most influential millennial artists, entrepreneurs, radio show hosts and innovators that are under the age of 40. Chosen amongst the millions of people living and working in the area spanning Central Contra Costa, into the Oakland and Berkeley Hills, and throughout the Tri-Valley, we are proud that our VP of Strategy, Nora Toure, made it to this year’s recognition.

Dassault Systèmes Campus Workshop

On October, our COO, Stefani Pellinen-Chavez, was part of the expert panel discussing “What will it take for additive manufacturing to scale across the enterprise?”

NAMIC Summit in Singapore

On October, Nora Toure served as a Panel Moderator discussing “Getting to the First $10 Million: Market Challenges for Additive Manufacturing Startups.” During this panel, there was a discussion on how to create sustainable additive manufacturing business models, funding strategies, and tips on what investors look for in a company. 

Our CEO, Espen Sivertsen, served as a speaker for “Ending the Traditional Warehoused Inventory Supply Chain Model” and as a panelist for “Getting to “Yes for AM:” The Journey to Technology Adoption Across Different Industries.”

Lunch Seminar with DNV GL

On November, there was a lunch seminar about additive manufacturing by DNV GL and Ivaldi. Espen Sivertsen presented how we are digitizing maritime supply chains with 3D printing technology by: 1) disrupting the supply chain for marine parts using 3D printing technology, 2) making print-on-demand a reality – the value and benefits that 3D printing can bring to support the supply chain processes, and 3) creating business service models adapted to the maritime sector.

Kongsberg Summit

On November, Espen Sivertsen was a speaker for the Kongsberg Summit on November 8th. He discussed how robots getting faster and cheaper is enabling food, clothing, equipment, and even body parts to be printed at your local autonomous manufacturing centers.

FormNext 2018 

FormNext is one of the leading conference and exhibitions in additive manufacturing, showcasing the latest hardware and software. There were 632 exhibitors and 26,919 visitors from 32 nations. Nora Toure, Ivaldi’s VP of Strategy, was a speaker along with Onno Ponfoort, Practice Leader 3D Printing Berenschot, in “A guideline for 3D printed (spare) parts in oil and gas.” We showcased our involvement in the DNV GL JIP about guidelines for metal additive manufacturing in oil and gas.

New Materials and Nanotechnologies

Nora Toure moderated a panel about new materials and nanotechnologies on December 5th.

Digitization and Operations

We created an internal routine to deploy printed parts to vessels in our Singapore Local Manufacturing Center (LMC). We also created a formal process for digitizing and re-engineering parts. 

We also had several pilot programs, which allowed us to get into different industries.

Ship Visits

We continue to do vessel visits from the port of Singapore. We have received a lot of additive manufacturing interest from staff in the ships.


This cap is used as a dust cover to keep debris out of piping systems on a vessel. They are usually made of bronze and stolen from the ship’s deck. We can produce a working and permanent replacement part using plastic which reduces weight, cost, and the likelihood of the part being stolen.


Wingnuts are usually made of stainless steel and start to rust over time, which makes them very difficult to loosen and tighten on a bolt. They are meant to be tightened by hand. We can print these using carbon fiber filled nylon.

New Hires 

Nora Toure joined Ivaldi Group as Vice President of Strategy. She is focused on business development – value proposition, customer-centric activities, key accounts, critical alliances with partners, and implementation of customer needs and perspectives. She is responsible for having the overall vision for sales and marketing at Ivaldi Group. 


Sergio Rivera and Mariel Felix, who are both Industrial Designers, develop digital models for 3D printing, optimize designs and create the manufacturing files.


Juan Pablo, Mechanical Engineer, provides the information needed for the design team to create the 3D models and reviews the designs.  


Joel Garay, Software Engineer, joined Ivaldi in Mexico. He is mainly working on additive manufacturing processes. 

2018 was a significant year for Ivaldi as we validated our market and business model! We proved that we can disrupt the supply chain by beating the market on price, speed, and quality for certain parts. We are ready for a great new year of on-demand spare parts manufacturing for zero inventory! Are YOU ready?

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